• Coca-Cola Zero launch in Armenia

    The launch of Coca-Cola Zero in Armenia marked with a special event. It took a day for the news about the event to go viral in Yerevan. Prior the official launch, young roller skaters handed out invitations to the passersby in form of color changing mugs marked with event date and time. Only at nighttime when the invitees and other passersby arrived at the open-air venue did they find out the mugs changing color from white to black and turning into Coca-Cola Zero branded mugs. Everyone enjoyed the taste of new Coke Zero from a huge drinkable billboard.


    To impress the public we staged a dance performance synchronized with the background animation on the LED screen. The opening of the city’s first-ever-drinkable billboard astounded the audience. Thanks to the DJs, prominent song performers and roller skaters the show turned into a spectacle.

  • Coca-Cola Zero sampling in Yerevan

    The sampling of Coca-Cola Zero in public areas of Yerevan followed the official launch event. With a branded minibus a group of young promoters made random stops in the streets of Yerevan and handed out new Coca-Cola Zero bottles to the passersby.

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