We created a featured character named Hayk specially for World Savings Day in Armenia to become the key element in the communication campaign. Hayk is a 25 year old young man who works in the IT industry. He manages his spending wisely and has own savings. Hayk knows how to save money efficiently. He is well-informed about bank products and is a good adviser for his friends and peers. Everyone follows the advice of a young and successful role model.


    To illustrate the advantages of saving in banks as oppose to saving at home we created an animated video specially for the World Savings Day in Armenia. Through the video one can be convinced that money saved in banks is safe and beneficial.


    On World Savings Day the Northern Avenue was full of people. Everybody was approaching the booths and asking questions about the event, getting souvenirs and leaving their wishes on the Wish Tree.


    We organized a special event on October 31, 2013 on the Northern Avenue within the framework of which a number of local banks had opportunity to introduce the benefits of deposits in their banks. Information and entertainment booths were installed to disseminate information and to attract local youth through engaging them in various fun activities.

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